What is the procedure?

It is based on brainstorming. You may have already heard about this method of inventing ideas and stimulate thinking with imagination. Many people it is successfully used in various projects. You may also use the. Just a little outside the box. There they used this method as technique, and you should use it as an exercise.

That's the difference. The fact that the basis of productive activity is imagination. It allows the person to know in advance what he wants and rough idea of the path. The imagination has more influence on the intellectual abilities of the person than thinking, as paradoxical as it may sound. After all, imagination is the generator of thoughts. Thinking only sorts them, and nothing more.

And brainstorming directly affect the human imagination, greatly improving it. This allows us in the course of regular training to improve the formation of thoughts in my head. After all, if you constantly use your imagination, it is much easier for our brain to do it. You can compare constant training of our creativity muscles with the sport. There is also this rule.

Let's see what the results will bring you a brainstorm as an exercise.

1. Creativity improvement.

Since man trains the imagination, it dramatically increases the level of creativity. It is a way of activity and property of the individual person, which allows him to come up with something new.

2. The increase in productivity.

3. Improvement of thinking abilities.

4. Exercise ingenuity.

As you can see, the results are quite good. Five minutes a day is the minimum that should be observed. Dedicate time to coming up with banal ideas. You will see how great was the work. But if you'll devote more time to brainstorming, the result will be even better. So take this method of increasing productivity adopted.