Aromatherapy is the use in the treatment and recovery of the body different essential oils, plant extracts, fragrances and flavors.

The founders of aromatherapy can be considered to be the Eastern countries such as China and India. Chinese books on herbal medicine was probably one of the first books written. It was then established that the same plant is absolutely different effects on various human organs. In India, the smells – is part of the culture. In the oldest Indian book "Vedas" in addition to the Scriptures of Hinduism are contained in the same and recipes the treatment in different situations.

Knowledge about the influence of smells on our bodies is transmitted to us from our ancestors since time immemorial. We know that aromatherapy has anti-inflammatory, antiviral properties, improves efficiency, and improved sleep.

Different scents have different properties. For example, such a delicate scent like lavender increases mental activity, in cosmetics lavender extract used to improve skin elasticity and color. A familiar smell of rosemary, which we often see as the "special note" in the culinary compositions of chefs from Italy, Spain and other European countries, stimulates the nervous system, helps combat fear, increases your self-confidence.

If suddenly your level of stress you feel starts off scale, you need to recharge the smell of eucalyptus, which in a moment will enhance your ability to handle stress. If you want to get your thoughts and feelings in order, this will help you manage various kind of wood oil.

Scents like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, in the minds of every certainly evoke warm warming tea, but such associations do not arise only from a hot drink, but also because of the smells which have a warming effect, useful for colds, and always uplifting.

Odors in our world diverse number, find my scents for different occasions, let your life be filled with not only bright impressions, but bright flavors.