Paris is a Paradise for true connoisseurs of chocolate, there are dozens of shops with sweets. In Paris you can try one of the best chocolates in the world, and sweet tooth definitely don't want to miss the opportunity. One of the best pastry shops is La Maison du Chocolat.

Also, go to the Latin quarter in Paris, where, among the narrow streets are a large number of lovely cafes in which you can try some of the best Parisian sweets.

In the Latin quarter is also a farmer's market, the existence of which I do not know tourists. It sells products of the best quality and the lack of tourists will enjoy the peaceful environment and will provide an opportunity to mingle with the locals.

Perhaps, to say that French wine is a guarantee of quality not even worth it, because of this and so know all. However, there is such a number of varieties of this drink, which tourists never heard in my life. And maybe you never will. So while in Paris, you should definitely go to sommelier courses, where for a relatively small fee, tourists can try various wines and learn all about them. And guests will have the opportunity to purchase any wine at democratic prices, because in stores it will cost much more.

And in order to better know Paris, it is not necessary to use the guide. Enough to communicate with the taxi driver or with a neighbor in the bus, which will tell you about Paris as well as any guide and advise some really interesting places, people in France are really friendly and sociable, and such a trip will leave many memories. Thus, to get to know Paris and experience its culture, you need to go to famous tourist places like the Eiffel tower and the Champs Elysees, and need to walk through the small streets to go to local cafes and shops, because the only way to feel the spirit of Paris and all of France.

Such trips will leave in the memory of something unforgettable, and to visit the country and the city will want repeatedly. After all, travel need it in order to understand how to live in this country the locals, learn the culture and weird traditions, rather than ostentatious glitz and glamour.