Any woman wishes to be attractive, wealthy and loved. Everyone wants to have an interesting job and good health. The vast majority of people saves money on their own housing.

We can't exactly say when it will come to you happiness. It comes at different times. Happiness – the concept is too loose. For example, a person may hate his job but love your family.

Sometimes the universe rewards beautiful mate absolutely all: financial prosperity, loving husband, healthy children, etc. But it shortens the life. The woman lives 30-35 years. And then leaves this world.

There is often a different situation. The lady fails to reach the heights. But she lives 70-75 years old and all life is the beloved wife and mother.

In principle, the above two situations, a woman can be called happy. But the feeling of happiness can not last forever. The condition may be chronic. We feel it only when you achieve something.

For example, the girl met his soul mate all the time, imagine how the rest of your days will float with happiness. However, after the wedding, her heart, as a rule, never stops at the sight of the chosen one.

Moment of happiness can be called a divorce. After all, it is a parting with the already unloved man. A marriage without love joy bring not able.

You quite a long time wanted to have the baby. And finally you become a mom! What happiness a woman feels, for the first time clutching her newborn baby!

Happiness can bring even communication with the neighborhood kids. If the doctor tells the lady that she is infertile, she is ready to give all their money, sell all their possessions in order to become a mother.

For a long time you were in the hospital, could not get rid of some serious ailment. In this case, the recovery is a huge happiness.

Happiness can also be called the transition from preschool to school. No less is the happiness and admission to the University.

You long waited son from the army. And so he returned home. You finally have the opportunity to hug him. This is happiness too.

Your country has experienced many years of military action. They recently ended. Now you feel like the happiest person in the world.

You a period of time suffered from excess weight. Visit the athletic club has helped you gain a beautiful figure. Now you can once again fit into your favorite skinny jeans. So you literally float from happiness.

A young student, well passing the session feels like "five minutes to a specialist." No less happiness is a housewarming party.