Maybe some of it will surprise, but the preparation starts the evening before bedtime. First, you need to get rid of old makeup with a micellar lotion or lotion to remove makeup. Then you need to use a cleanser.

After this happens a deep cleaning. What tools to use at this stage is an individual matter, since different skin types require different types of care – masks, scrubs, etc. At night apply a nourishing cream, again suited to your skin type and specific qualities (anti-aging, lifting effect, etc.).

In the morning it is necessary to use a tonic, lotion or micellar water, then use moisturizer. After full vpityvanija to put on makeup. It is recommended to use a makeup base, thanks to which the vehicle is used, will lie more smoothly and naturally.

Initially, it is necessary to hide all flaws – inflammation, dark circles under the eyes, etc. To do this, use the corrector. Then applied liquid Foundation. This can be a cream, a mousse, a solid Foundation or just powder. The latter can also be applied additionally on the Foundation. Applied layers must be thin, otherwise the effect of "mask".

And there is a special base under shadows. What is its functionality? First of all, the care and protection of the delicate eyelid skin. Besides shadow and eyeliner falls while using it better and the makeup lasts significantly longer shadows do not roll down.

These are the basic rules, observing that before applying makeup to achieve perfect results. In addition it will be achieved one result – the skin will be more soft, healthy and smooth. Most importantly – do these treatments daily.

If in any day the make-up applied not planned, for example, in the output, which is held at home. Procedure at night (except for flushing cosmetics) again in the morning too it is necessary to use a tonic or lotion, and then apply to the skin moisturizer. Procedures no more is required.