However, people often refuse to accept the possibility of other points of view, accepting them is a priori false. They're stubborn and trying to prove that only their opinion is true and has the right to exist, which causes resentment among the interlocutors and others.

It makes no sense to say that this situation has not touched anyone. Egocentric manifestations inherent in each, especially to perfectionists.

However, it is not necessary to vilify the man only for his craving for Smoking, because Smoking brings him comfort and satisfaction. You can use pictures of burnt lungs, in order to intimidate the smoker, but do not seriously suppose that he will take it and fix. The only conclusion for him would be that a promoter should spend much less time, otherwise it will be repeated from time to time.

When people Express their opinions, we should not expect that the other person would be willing to accept it and begin to follow their advice. This is at least silly. If for some reason such a situation has occurred, it is possible to draw only one conclusion: the opponent is still not up to the individual.

Interesting is the fact that it is often a relatively extreme situation the views is able to teach us and, more importantly, to save lives. An example of this is surrogacy.

Hypothetically we can assume that the vast majority will see the world's evil. However, many childless mothers who, for whatever reason, lost the ability to bear children, will see in this opportunity the last chance for a happy life and family happiness.

From the foregoing it follows the thesis: you should not attempt to change the opinion of another person in accordance with its. Should be tolerant towards others. Perhaps then the world would be a grain to a greater good.