Appeared first trench coats even during the First world war. They were an alternative to twill to uniforms of the soldiers. Could afford them the only officers. At that time, the trench coat was originally perceived as a male thing. But at the moment is an integral part of women's wardrobe. For over a hundred years without losing its strong "fashion" items.

This cloak is part of the so-called basic components of clothing, especially in France. Usually the classic trench coat beige. At the moment, sewn from cottonthat is chemically treated in a special way. Other materials (denim) for sewing of the garment are rarely used.

This classic has the following features style and cut:

- double-breasted tailoring,

- a kind stripes

- be sure the zone

- pending collar

cuff and yoke.

Typically, the trench coat, in contrast to other clothing, emphasizes femininity and elegance. Goes well with any clothes and shoes. Looks especially good with the shoes like pumps and flats. It can be worn with business suits and jeans.

Goes perfectly with the hat and many other hats. With them, the image will be more confident, bold and sexy. Often it is sewn with large stylish buttons. This is done to decorate and make things style. At the moment, leaves a huge number of feminine styles with folds, pleats and ruffles.

At the moment there are plenty of styles suitable for any woman. The ability to combine and complement almost any thing - a major plus trenchcoat. This garment has firmly taken the first place in the mid-season collections of fashion's most famous designers.