In order to change lives, to change ourselves. You should try to change the image. To change the hairstyle, buy clothes unusual for a person of color or style.

Changes in the head. We must remember that from the thoughts depends very much, so you need to change them. In order to do this, you can replace their daily activities on something new. For example, if a person loves to read science fiction, he could read the classics.

Loneliness. Might be worth some time to be alone, as a familiar company and topics will not contribute to changes in life.

Attitude to material goods. If you live, keeping every penny, then he should change his attitude to money. To go to an expensive restaurant, buy yourself something. If it was the opposite and people behaved wasteful, it is necessary to limit their costs. For example, not to ride on taxis and public transport. To refuse high-calorie food, following the diet for a while.

Schedule. To change life, you need to change the schedule of your life. If the person gets up at 10 o'clock in the morning, he can try to Wake up at 7 or 5. If he went swimming, he can try to go dancing or Jogging.

Relax in new ways. In any case, you cannot plan your vacation in the same way as usual. If people used to travel on the ticket, he needs to go on vacation "savage".

Performing all of the items from the list, the person will feel like his life will change.