As parents send their children to learn a few months before the eighteenth birthday, then there is no need to choose what kind of car the parents will give at the and will go. After studying at a more Mature age, to the choice of the first car approach more closely.

The first thing that comes to mind is Audi, Porsche, BMW, but it's the wrong choice. Novice driver, even having the money to buy, will think only about how not to scratch the car, and not about the situation on the road. Pay attention to the old, cheap, used car is not worth it. If the car breaks down on the road, the beginner just won't know what to do and can wait a few hours.

The choice of the first car should be based on the purpose of their exploitation. For city driving is ideal for small car with small fuel consumption. In the city to develop a high speed is difficult and powerful machine is simply useless, only wasting money. Also a car with plenty of horses in the most part has a large size, which is inconvenient for small Parking areas.

For trips and travel it is better to choose all-wheel drive and roomy car. The big car you can always put more things to sleep on a long trip. All-wheel drive will provide flotation on any roads.

Families with children will be useful in a small van. It has a large amount of Luggage and will comfortably accommodate both children and adults. The choice of picking a new car should be based on personal preferences and available funds. Stuff the car all in a row is not necessary. All these additional options can be distracting, but also require consumables. Competently approach to the selection of the first car, to a large extent it will depend on the security and ease of drive.