What is the total health of the child day and night? Are there any flatulence, constipation, sweating, chills, envy, jealousy, discontent, etc.?

How are you feeling mother? Maybe she's tired, disgruntled, misunderstood by others, tired at work, depressed and generally is on the limit? Maybe she's got troubles with my in-laws, family, neighbors, or worries about the future and fears?

What is the child's environment: bedding, noise, apartment, radio and TV, toys?

Maybe a temporary a particular need (e.g., during illness took him to bed mother) turned him into a haunting habit?

To illustrate this approach we present a few examples.

Maybe dinner consisted of cellulose-containing products that cause flatulence. Or in the warm season, the child went to the warm hood. Or a younger sister learning to walk (a typical time when it may be feeling of jealousy). Permanent odergivaniya and prohibitions can also lead to nocturnal alarms. For example, if the family lives in an apartment where you're not allowed to shout, otherwise you can be evicted.

If parents, pondering all these considerations, figure out what is the cause of sleep disorders, the next question is: what to do?