1. Buy a normal Cabinet

The urgent need to organize your desktop and all documents not even discussed. It can save you up to 2 hours a day. It is therefore very important to have a wardrobe with drawers where all your documents and receipts are in order.

2. A second monitor

Or third. For example, you can display the list on the first monitor, the ongoing work on the second. Many successful freelancers, buying a second and third monitor is recognized that it is impossible to go back to one monitor.

3. The speakerphone

When you are left waiting on hold, no sense in sitting, pressing the phone to his ear. To save time, use the speaker phone and continue working on something that requires concentration.

4. The trash

Which leave only paper. That is, not having to search for the receipt in the garbage, and the chance to save some important bills and papers, discarded by mistake.

5. Stickers

Paper is especially good because it can be glued anywhere: on monitor, refrigerator, book.

6. The usual phonebook

Where you can re-record all of your contacts. In case of any troubles with a mobile phone you will be able to quickly restore all contacts, but not to get the old numbers of the mail or ask friends.

7. Notepad

Keep him always near. If you suddenly come to mind some idea, you don't have to waste time trying to remember it. Recorded – all.

8. A latch or lock

At the door of your office, allowing to isolate themselves from the rest of the world and do their work.