So you've decided to advertise on Google Adwords. The first thing you notice is the poor performance of the technical support and scripts – counters, which are not entirely clear. This is not surprising. In principle, it should be on the website giant that has no competitors. Do not be upset. You will be able to advertise and get the desired result. If you want your advertising was most effective, pay attention to the basic intricacies of advertising on Google Adwords. The first thing you should do is to choose advertising:

- contextual advertising;

- advertising on forums and social networks;

Bulletin Board;

- video portals.

Of course there are other types of advertising. However, these methods are considered to be the most basic and effective. Once you have decided on the type of advertising you need to go to settings on your ad. In order to choose the correct settings, pay attention to the basic rules.

1. Registration and payment. Which payment method is chosen by the people from Russia? Of course, this WebMoney. If you decide to Fund your account account with the help of this payment system, please note that you can only use rubles.

2. The output of the show network. The best option for your advertising is "view only.

3. The maximum price per click. Recommended not to increase the price a single click. The most reasonable price is 0.20 cents per click.

4. A daily budget. Here you can specify any amount. However, it is not recommended to specify the amount above $ 10.

5. Key words. This is a very important point. We advise you to highlight words with the least competition.

So, you have placed and paid for your ads, set up all necessary settings. Now it's time to earn! Don't forget to update your site. The more you fill your life with new information, the higher your attendance! Wish you success and great earnings!