Advice 1: Rules of detergents for cleaning

Detergents are used to maintain cleanliness in the premises. Depending on the purpose, attendance and location of the room rate of cleaning can vary considerably.
Rules of detergents for cleaning

For a budget, office and production premises specific rules are set by order of the company in private. Determination of the consumption of detergents is necessary first of all to minimize any potential harm to human health and the environment from drugs used.

Household chemicals for cleaning must not contain more than 5% surfactants, and 10% phosphates. One such medicines can be called a universal cleaning gel Domestos, cleaning which are optimal from the point of view of efficiency and security.

When cleaning the greatest consumption of detergents accounts for a bathroom. The average consumption rate for the cleaning of sanitary units within one month can be defined as:

  • on tile floors area of 10 m2 universal detergent is consumed in the amount of 40 ml;
  • on the tile wall of the same area respectively – 30 ml;
  • cleaning the bath requires 30 ml of detergent and 6 ml of disinfectant, but if you use the generic gel Domestos handle tub additionally descrestion is not required, since a thick gel not only effectively cleans, but also kills all germs;
  • for cleaning sinks to 15 ml of detergent and 4 ml of the disinfectant or only 10 ml of gel Domestos;
  • cleaning the toilet usually requires high consumption of detergents and disinfectants: 30 and 6 ml, respectively, but using cleaning gel Domestos to wash the toilet will take no more than 20-30 ml of product, as the curved shape of its bottle allows economically consume the gel, optimally cleaning the most inaccessible places;
  • cleaning hygienic showers will require 30 and 4 ml of detergents and disinfectants or 25 ml universal gel Domestos;
  • to clean the urinal detergent is consumed in the amount of 20 ml, disinfectant – 4 ml, in the presence of gel Domestos enough for 15 ml of product.

To maintain cleanliness in other office, domestic and industrial buildings required wet processing floors, furniture. For these purposes the rate of flow of detergent will be about 20 ml per month for every 10 m2, using the universal cleaning gel Domestos consumption of resources can be reduced in half.

In addition to a high degree of disinfection, low foaming and cleansing properties, versatile cleaning gel Domestos has another important advantage. The drug is available in liquid gel form with a high concentration of cleaning agents – this can significantly reduce consumption rates and increase the quality of cleaning.

Advice 2: Rules of the General cleaning treatment rooms

In any health care facility regularly cleaning of offices, patient rooms, procedural). It can be a current (at the end of the work shift) and General.
Rules of the General cleaning treatment rooms

Technology the General cleaning

Such cleaning is carried out 1 time per week. Housekeeping service can be arranged where to have medical procedures. General cleaning holds Junior medical staff.

Its organization must be available: the second shoes, gown, cap, mask, gloves, who should wear a medical worker. For the General cleaning use a special cleaning equipment (rags, broom, etc.). According to sanitary rules and norms governing the terms of the General cleaning, it must be marked and stored in a separate room.

Before cleaning it is advisable to push all the furniture and equipment. After this, you will need to prepare the disinfectant solution, which will handle the surface. The solution using a rag to apply on horizontal, vertical surfaces, and at the end on the floor.

Next on 60 minutes, allow to operate germicidal lamps. This is required because the UV light cleans the air of pathogens.

At the end of this time the staff is dressed in clean clothing and wipes all surfaces with a clean cloth or rag soaked in plain water. Upon completion of the second time include bulbs, equipment disinfected and clean. Preferably while doing the cleaning, use of disposable gloves, masks, to then be disposed of.

The use of disinfectant for cleaning

General cleaning needed for a thorough cleansing of all surfaces (floor, walls, furniture, instruments, tools) from dirt, dust, microorganisms.

You will need to prepare a working solution of the desired concentration. It adds detergent in an amount of 5 gram per 1 liter of liquid. Get 5% concentrated solution.

As antimicrobial agents are often used, chlorine compounds such as chloramine, chlorinated lime, hypochlorites, and others. In addition to bactericidal action, they improve the smell of the room, well washed out. The disinfectant solution used for cleaning of work tools. When working with a solution, it is necessary to use gloves and mask to avoid irritation on the skin.

General cleaning is a must when organizing activities of any medical institution.

Advice 3: How to get rid of fleas home sex

Attack by insects in a residential area – the unpleasant phenomenon, especially when it comes to sex fleas. Scratching on the body, regular itchy bites – the consequences of this neighborhood. Especially often suffer from this small children. To deal with pests should be thoroughly and immediately.
How to get rid of fleas home sex

Helpful information

Homemade sex fleas have a high degree of pain of the bites. In addition, they are dangerous to human health and very fertile. It is often sexual fleas are carriers of various infectious diseases.

Before you start to take decisive action to eliminate sexual home of fleas, you should find out the reason of their occurrence. So you identify the main foci of their multiplication. The most common causes of genital fleas in the living room:

- failure to comply with the rules and standards of hygiene (dust, dirt, etc.);
- dampness in the basement;
- Pets (dogs, cats).

Methods of getting rid of fleas

This flea lives mainly on the floor surface in all sorts of recesses and crevices. Usually they settle around the perimeter of the room at a height of not more than half a meter from the floor. Pets fleas prefer the floor, all kinds of bedspreads, blankets, soft toys, fleecy rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture. It is on these areas in the apartment when cleaning should pay special attention.

An excellent weapon in the fight against domestic sex fleas will be a steam generator, a washing machine and a vacuum cleaner. Especially in this list a large role in the destruction of parasites play a steam generator. Steam treating the locations of all genital fleas, they have no chance of survival. Finally, the room should be cleaned with a solution "Botox". It is sold in any pet store. Detailed instructions on the use of this product are listed on the product packaging.

Remember: before applying a chemical preparation in a residential area all food must be well Packed. Also do not forget about Pets. During processing of the dwelling it is better to isolate. After cleaning the apartment it should be well ventilated.

If your Arsenal of home appliances is not found, the steam generator, the room should be thoroughly vacuumed. Blankets, soft toys and all kinds of bedspreads need to be washed. At the end of the cleaning room should be treated with insecticidal means. It could be the same "Botox" or "Dichlorvos". If you do not petition the parasites reappeared after some time, use more professional preparations: "Globalmark", "Ultra Effective", "Senozan" and others.

If by yourself get rid of genital home of fleas you did not or not enough free time for pest control assistance, contact the exterminator or a private enterprise. They will select the most appropriate chemicals to destroy fleas and provide a guarantee on work performed.
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