For a budget, office and production premises specific rules are set by order of the company in private. Determination of the consumption of detergents is necessary first of all to minimize any potential harm to human health and the environment from drugs used.

Household chemicals for cleaning must not contain more than 5% surfactants, and 10% phosphates. One such medicines can be called a universal cleaning gel Domestos, cleaning which are optimal from the point of view of efficiency and security.

When cleaning the greatest consumption of detergents accounts for a bathroom. The average consumption rate for the cleaning of sanitary units within one month can be defined as:

  • on tile floors area of 10 m2 universal detergent is consumed in the amount of 40 ml;
  • on the tile wall of the same area respectively – 30 ml;
  • cleaning the bath requires 30 ml of detergent and 6 ml of disinfectant, but if you use the generic gel Domestos handle tub additionally descrestion is not required, since a thick gel not only effectively cleans, but also kills all germs;
  • for cleaning sinks to 15 ml of detergent and 4 ml of the disinfectant or only 10 ml of gel Domestos;
  • cleaning the toilet usually requires high consumption of detergents and disinfectants: 30 and 6 ml, respectively, but using cleaning gel Domestos to wash the toilet will take no more than 20-30 ml of product, as the curved shape of its bottle allows economically consume the gel, optimally cleaning the most inaccessible places;
  • cleaning hygienic showers will require 30 and 4 ml of detergents and disinfectants or 25 ml universal gel Domestos;
  • to clean the urinal detergent is consumed in the amount of 20 ml, disinfectant – 4 ml, in the presence of gel Domestos enough for 15 ml of product.

To maintain cleanliness in other office, domestic and industrial buildings required wet processing floors, furniture. For these purposes the rate of flow of detergent will be about 20 ml per month for every 10 m2, using the universal cleaning gel Domestos consumption of resources can be reduced in half.

In addition to a high degree of disinfection, low foaming and cleansing properties, versatile cleaning gel Domestos has another important advantage. The drug is available in liquid gel form with a high concentration of cleaning agents – this can significantly reduce consumption rates and increase the quality of cleaning.