Behaviors of our society are such that relations between women and men is not always going well. And I would like to mention 2 things, remembering which is possible with confidence to achieve success on the basis of communication.

The first feature is that on the way to a comfortable all communication will be not as smooth as you want at first glance. And, of course, be failure, disappointment and depression after unsuccessful attempts. Most importantly - do not be closed in itself and to continue to improve communication skills. Such attempts can be compared with first steps - first does not work, then better and better.

The second feature is bordered creativity and thinking based on it. Features your own behavior for successful relationships should be copied from the actors or similar creative people. For women the important emotions that are experienced at some time during the conversation. Developing acting skills can achieve success not only with women, but also in other areas. For example, sales! There's a famous phrase that man, successful in business, all is well in the relationship.