Civilizations have come and gone, giving future generations a lot of unusual and amazing. One of the States that have managed to maintain such places, is El Salvador. This is a small country, 148-e in the world in terms of area is not a boring piece of land. The country's history full of bright moments and tragic episodes.

Close to the capital, about fifteen kilometers from San Salvador, built on the ruins of the ancient settlement. Joya de Ceren was a flourishing ancient Mayan civilization. Around 600 BC the town was completely hidden under a thick layer of ash. The eruption of the volcano Loma Caldera. This settlement is called the Pompeii of America. Unlike the tragedy in Italy, the excavations of the city showed that the residents of Joya de Ceren was saved. The value of this place is huge. Here, perfectly preserved household items, leftover food and kitchen utensils. To date, managed to extract about 70 buildings.

Extraordinarily beautiful is the nature of Salvador. Everywhere palm trees, citrus, mango and many other exotic trees. At every step here you can see ripening bananas, figs, papayas. The animal world is also full of different representatives, which a regular tourist can only be seen in zoos. Armadillos, sloths, porcupines, pumas, ocelots, all of these fauna are found here in their usual habitat. Salvador is a wonderful country that can give every tourist a lot of memorable moments and fun events.