1. Do not transfer to another person responsibility for the events that occur in your life. The easiest way in their own troubles to blame someone else. You will receive power only when you realize that the authors themselves for their failures and the Creator of his own success.

2. Do not expect that they are able to change the other person. A big misconception to think that other people's influence can change a person. People can't change after persuasion and according to your desire. Only the events and circumstances able to influence it.

3. The past should stay in the past. It is important to understand that the past is impossible to return, and experiences in this regard are misplaced. It depends on us our future, of those thoughts and actions which we are committed.

4. Society needs strong people. When we lose strength, get tired and exhausted, become useless. It's human nature. So come on, be strong around you to be the same people.

5. Every action has consequences. Before you commit to any deed, you need to think about what will follow. Thus, you will avoid many mistakes.

6. Don't waste your precious time on people who don't love you and whom you care about. Around us, many people with whom fun, interesting and pleasant to spend time and live. Release those you do not need. You deserve better treatment!

7. Do those things I think are important. Do not short-circuit your life chasing illusions and success, enjoy your own life. Do things and do things that I consider important, and you are guaranteed success.