The ancient land of the Indians, located directly on the equator, so varied, diverse and mysterious that one visit is unlikely you can fully enjoy its beauty, unravel its mysteries and make a clear impression.

A cool holiday in Ecuador

Before the arrival of the Incas, the land was a fairly powerful Indian Kingdom. The unique architecture of the ancient places is wonderfully combined with the primitive caves and modern cities, as well as in Ecuador, the combination of high mountains, picturesque valleys and amazing beaches! And what do you need for a memorable holiday in Ecuador?

In addition to exciting excursions on the "zero parallel", where the cease to operate some of the usual laws of physics, Ecuador can offer a huge variety of experiences. This national parks with unique flora and fauna, and the famous "Valley of longevity", and the incredible Galapagosskie island, which before the sixteenth century no foot of man, and the majestic volcanoes. This extreme mountain Hiking, and a variety of water sports. This distinctive culture that combines indigenous and Spanish roots. This unique Ecuadorian cuisine. And so much more! Hotels in Ecuador are on a high enough level.

Want to know more about this wonderful country? Then be sure to buy a tour to Ecuador and give yourself unforgettable memories and wonderful holidays.