Slide to unlock

Slide to unlock is a gesture unlocking, where you need the slider to move to the right. Oddly enough, but it was first invented back in 1999 in a Swedish company your. A patent for this development it was only 2002. Designed this feature not only for phones but also for PDAs.

Apple not only stole someone else's invention, and even sued Samsung and Motorola. However, she has to pay the owners of the patent for using slide to unlock Slide to unlock.

Pocket PC

There is a perception that the world of tablet computers gave Apple. The idea of creating a device with a large screen with touch input in 1989, belongs to Samsung. Its dimensions were quite impressive, weighing as much as two kilograms. It was the CPU 10 MHz and the system DOS.

Also in 2002, the campaign Microsoft has created a Tablet PC that worked on XP and had the opportunity to become a laptop with a rotating screen.

A graphical user interface

To the first computer graphical interface was absent, he had the form of a text or the command line. The graphic interface was first proposed by Xerox. In the Apple using the graphical interface appeared only ten years later.

Gestures and multitouch

Touch screens were developed just over fifty years ago. Together with touch screens developed the so-called gestures, which help in the interaction between users and computers.

The company which introduced the technology of multitouch, Fingerworks was in the nineties. And in 2005 Apple buys the rights to the use of this technology from Fingerworks. Over time, the developers of this technology to work with touch screen were the main engineers of Apple.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that any technology released most likely when something has already been invented. Computer technology and development can be described by the saying: "everything new is well forgotten old".