The article will be useful for all the people who without knowing it, live on "the herd instinct", thereby downplaying their personal qualities. And then there are individuals who know that are subject to the herd instinct, and even resist it, go with the flow, because simply just it is convenient. It is easy because to be in the herd well, because you already have a certain warm place, i.e. the mask, the main farmed within the features, which surrounding the other members of the herd know each other.

There are in the herd and the leader, which also simplifies the task, everyone decides for himself, as you say, so be it, and it is unnecessary to strain your mental capacity to come up with something new and original. You can get a closer look at all the advantages and negative sides of the "herd instinct".

If you look on the one hand, to be in such a gregarious environment is not even bad, can be attributed to positive interaction, mutual help, mutual understanding, and all that carries with it a principle of interaction. But what to do when there are a number of flocks, if not close to those with whom it is happening interactions. Then what to do with your personality? When there are a number of those by whose rules we do certain things, ignoring or Zamin my personal stance and opinion, for the sake of others.

Showing your individuality in self-expression or creativity, you can face the misunderstanding and pressure of others. As this goes beyond the herd principle of life and many from their eyes is perceived as something wild, new and alien. But maybe you just need to get through this period, give to get used to your new surrounding and such a natural for you. And believe me, with time you will be nothing but respect.