Each person in life there is a lot of ridiculous situations. To laugh or to cry, to choose each person depending on the situation. Look at how to try to overcome any absurd and incorrect to our subconscious situations with your head held high.

Most importantly, always try to reject panic attacks in such situations. In principle, panicky bursts in this case is quite reasonable from a scientific point of view, the phenomenon. Because our brain thinks in advance and is a logical chain of certain actions and deeds in advance. Consequently, present-day absurd situation puts it in a suspended state of reinvention, and the man at this time, the share of minutes falls into a stupor.

Then in the body there is a surge of adrenaline and hormones and give an unbiased response to the circumstances. If you are more concerned about the reaction and opinions of others in the situation may be, it is good to know that the sooner you will change your attitude towards the situation and manifestations of his anxiety, the faster the surrounding forget.

But if you, on the contrary, will show your keen interest and develop around will be interested to observe what is happening, and word of mouth will do the trick. Adds to your stress and further exacerbate the situation and may even make you subconsciously for some time to withdraw into themselves.

It will take time to feel trust to the opinion of others without regard to what happened a ridiculous situation in the past. Surely the head will creep doubts in their adequate assessment of your personality. In this case, you can use the same technique.

If you can't change the situation, change your attitude to it. It will not hurt to practice self-criticism and self-irony, to the ridiculous and absurd situations without damage to his psyche and the psyche of others, to laugh at themselves along with everyone. This will greatly ease the situation and then remember with a smile and not with bitter regrets.