Who is entitled to the regional maternity capital in the Moscow region?

Money when the family has more than two children can obtain:

  • mom kids (born or adopted);
  • their father, if he acts as a single adopter.

The father of the children may qualify to receive money from the regional budget, if the mother of the children died or failed in their parental duties and were deprived of parental rights. In addition, money can get and the children themselves if their parents died or were deprived of parental rights.

It is worth considering that to obtain a certificate the kid, in connection with whose appearance will be issued a document that needs to be born or adopted in the period from 01.01.2011 to 31.12.2016 year.

Where to go to obtain a regional maternity capital in the Moscow region?

The provision of regional maternity capital is a measure of social support. Therefore, to apply for obtaining this document is necessary in the bodies of social protection. Also to issue the certificate through multifunctional centers.

What you can do with regional maternity capital?

The sum of the regional maternity capital is much less than the capital available at the Federal level. From the regional budget, families can receive only 100 thousand rubles. These funds can be sent to:

  • for the purchase or construction of real estate to improve their living conditions (property can be purchased only in Moscow region);
  • for the education of children.

What documents are needed to obtain a regional maternity capital in the Moscow region?

For registration certificate you will need the following documents:

  • passport (or other document that will confirm your identity);
  • paper on all children;
  • documents confirming the registration in the Moscow region (applicant and children);
  • documents of marriage/divorce (if is available).

May be required additional documents depending on the specific situation.

The statement certificate will help to prepare the body of social protection or in the MFC. After you submit all the necessary documents, you will be given a receipt for their receipt, and after 30 days has to be ready and certificate.