What gives?

  • Email addresses of subscribers.
  • Helpful tips and positive feedback from my readers.
  • Sells new courses, trainings, seminars, because subscribers want to get more information.
  • Targeted traffic.

Here is one very important law: if the book is really useful, customers will start to share it, talk about it, to advise, to promote, to forward to each other. The principle of "word of mouth" here, it works very effectively. Tested in practice.

The first is to work on a free mini-book, and then on a real masterpiece that you can sell. It all depends on the goal Internet entrepreneur puts in front of him: if the earnings – need to sell for a decent price if you search subscribers and potential clients, then books need to be handed out for free.

The problem is that a minimum percentage of subscribers willing to pay money for information. Therefore it is better to sell 200 copies for 1000 RUB than 230 – 100 R.

The process of creating a book: the basic rules

The book should be interesting, useful and necessary.

The topic is not taken from the head. You just need to study and make a list of the most popular questions that come from readers. To perform them, to divide into chapters.

The name, the structure of the book developed. Next you need to take the most popular questions to each Chapter and to record an interview (5-10 questions) to decrypt and a draft is ready.

The polishing of the text. Text to grind by yourself or entrust it to a literary editor. After this work you can do registration books, and the selection of images, pdf format etc.

Each Chapter should start on a new page with an illustration. The text will be better understood if it is broken up into short paragraphs, add more colorful to-do lists, and put all the important ideas in a separate frame. I.e. to make the reader, the text attracted, not repelled, so he could highlight the most important and quickly memorize.

The book is unlikely to see the light, if you long to plan it. The book you need to write once, not ever. It's not just a rule, and the law. Therefore, it is better to start now than to stretch out the process over several years. To pigeonhole is not necessary, otherwise it will not work. Only now, in this moment, at this moment.