At first glance, the copywriting is simple and accessible to all profession. However, it has its disadvantages. The main of which is – not to get money for their work. First of all it concerns beginners.

Some customers, unwilling to pay for texts, go to the trick. They offer newcomers to fulfill a small test task, allegedly to check the literacy of the contractor. Or asked to do a difficult job with the keys, and then tell the copywriter that they have gained enough players and how the space will appear, be sure to contact him.

The second problem is competition. Copywriters on the stock exchanges a lot and everyone wants to get noticed by customers. There is a way, you can put a low price, but to raise it will not be easy. Customers do not want to pay more for the same job which he got cheap.

There are other risks. For example, you have customers who give orders (1), but most offer to perform large amounts of work. Extremely frustrating if after a month of work order will not be accepted or, worse, not paid.

Those who work on the exchanges is immune from such troubles. However, there you will have to find yourself a job. In addition, those wishing to pick up orders will be many, will have to compete. And most worryingly, there is no clear time limit, no boss, so if you don't know how to discipline myself, work will not be easy.

Perhaps if copywriting really would be simple and accessible to all profession, the offices would lose their workers. However, the disadvantages of this profession can only be noticed in the process.