Earnings on referrals – one of the most effective way to obtain a certain amount of money urgently. Without a doubt, a lot of money on the affiliate program is not to make money, but the only thing that depends on the person – number of engaged partners, referrals.

Referral – the person who was invited by one person in any app or on any website with the purpose of removal from it of a few percent of the amount of his earnings. Moreover, what is the most attractive one of this programme does not suffer, only one gets a percentage of the earnings of the other, at a time like that means nothing is subtracted. In what then advantage of this program? Attract new users, one has only to imagine that one will get two and will receive money for doing nothing, he will call two more, etc.

Affiliate programs can be single-level and two-level (multilevel). One differs from another only by way of passing interest. For a single-level system, you can earn interest, or so-called cashback, the purchase involved a referral, but purchase this it can do only in this application. And mnogourovnevyi in addition to this percentage to get a certain amount from the earnings of this referral, that is, he will get interest from others, and his partner will be living out of percent of it.

How to involve referrals? When registering on a particular website, the person receives a special individual code that must be entered during registration of the referral. Very often, because he enters it, he may get a small initial reward, and on the balance invited, it will not change.

So everyone can register and enter the code, it can be placed anywhere, even easier-to bring in their friends and acquaintances.

No doubt, many perceive that for them someone will make the bayonets, but no difference is not just the person will receive a small percentage. If you wish to earn passively is, the earnings on partners is a good way to save some money.