Advice 1: The technique of Squirting, or what is a jet orgasm

In most cases, a sexual relationship with any, even the most desirable partner later become commonplace. Instead of caresses at night just want to lay in the bed and chat, or simply sleep. And the sexual tension builds up, leading to stress and dissatisfaction with the partner. If you recognize yourself, you have to make sexual life a variety. For example, to test the jet orgasm or squirt.
The technique of Squirting, or what is a jet orgasm


What squirt is? Jet, the female orgasm is a myth from porn movies?

Many men are interested in how to add variety to a sexual relationship with the woman, heard or read about the jet orgasm. For those who are not in the theme - during the Squirting women Squirting of vaginal fluid excess grease that come in the time to reach the peak of pleasure. And this orgasm can occur in every woman, the main thing - to help her in this.

How to bring a woman to jet orgasm?

Very often the cooling of sexual relations happens when a man and a woman do not know how or are embarrassed to talk about their desires. Like and want to try something new, but how to do it with such native and familiar partner? On the other hand - who else experience the unfamiliar sexual feelings, if not with person you trust completely? It is a question of mutual trust - the first that you need to decide before you try sex something special.

Appliances svirt

To bring a woman to jet orgasm, I have to try. No, it will not take much time. But in this case need skill. First, during intercourse, try and find the G spot. It is located at a depth of 4-5 cm, on the outer wall of the vagina. This rough bump appears only when the partner is in the excited state. And to bring it to this necessary preliminary caresses.

Relaxing massage, stroking inner thighs, oral sex - all this will quickly lead to the fact that the woman wants passionate sex. But do not rush to enter the penis! You have a little patience. Massage the G spot with one or two fingers, her other hand bringing the clitoris excited. The clitoris can caress and lips - then the peak of pleasure will come faster. Point "G" refer to the following:

- first (3-4 minutes) gently apply pressure on it, causing the blood flow to the vagina;

- when you feel that G spot increased in size, push her harder and sharper;

- if you see that the woman is close to orgasm - enter the penis in the back position - so will be need a massage point "G".

Do not stop at the manipulation of the clitoris. Remember that it is best to stroke the skin around it, as touching the clitoris itself, many women unpleasant. If you did everything right - jetting orgasm woman provided.

Tips for women - how to achieve jet orgasm

Experience the squirt can practically every woman, if she is not completely frigid. This is just one of the types of orgasm which a lot of vaginal, clitoral, vaginal, anal. And to receive delight in full measure, the woman needs to be ready to jet orgasm.

If, during intercourse, and the stimulation point "G" is felt as the urge to urinate, you know - coming squirt. Spare not, on the contrary, try to relax completely. Get pleasure, the more that your gipervozbujdenia condition nice not only for you but for your partner.

Advice 2 : What is jet orgasm

Jet orgasm in women, some consider a myth invented to advertise certain sexual techniques, others suggest that it has something to do with involuntary urination.
What is jet orgasm

What is jet orgasm

The sexual revolution happened a long time ago, but still many do not only men, but even women themselves don't know some things. For example, a little-known inkjet female orgasm, which many associated with simple involuntary emission of urine, in fact, completely different from the process of liberation from results of life.

In fact, from the urethra out is not urine in its pure form, and urethral ejaculate is composed of liquid phosphoric acid, which is actually the element extracted directly from the male sperm. It is in the sperm can be detected by components of creatinine and urea, but in minimal quantities.

Inkjet orgasm represents the release of the ejaculate under the influence of hormones of pleasure, that is, when receiving a very strong orgasm. Somehow, it is believed that such processes can occur only in the case of men, but women are able to reach jet orgasm, but some do not know it or did not receive as strong of satisfaction. But the situation is correctable.

The achievement of the jet orgasm with a man

Renowned sexologist Dr. Ernest Site there have been numerous studies aimed at the work of the female urethra and the function of the mysterious g-spot. To find her you will need to enter in the vagina two fingers, certainly they should be sent up to the bladder, not the rectum.

After the introduction you must begin to bend my fingers and try to find a small size 5 cents, "button", which is different from all the rest of the surface of the vagina. She is going to touch a little rough, and its easy enough to find. With genuine excitement, this point in women engorged with blood and increases in size as the penis in men. After the recession of excitation and also decreases at this point.

Jet to achieve orgasm independently

To jet orgasm possible, trained their muscles. This can be achieved through exercise vumbilding. Also you can find yourself at this point and move the fingers to the palm, slowly and with a certain rhythm.

The main technique of achieving jet orgasm is not to be afraid to pee. Usually a good idea to practice on your own, or if the partner is able to perceive this woman's desire, and you can ask him for some help.
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