How to know the number of his pension credits?

Previously, all insured citizens annually received from the PFR to the letter, which reflected data on the status of the individual account (ILS). Simply put, from the letter it was evident how much money you have accumulated. Now, however, the practice of sending letters abolished, and pension money is transferred to points.

The number of pension credits reflected on your HUD. And information about it and, consequently, on their retirement points, you can learn through the Internet. To do this you need to use the service of website Submission. If you have not yet registered, you need to register.

Find information on the number of pension credits and other information from HUD is one of the popular services offered by public Services. Therefore, in this section (Popular services) you can find the service – get information about private personal accounts or Retirement savings.

After you request service you will receive a statement containing information about the state of your ILS. This statement can be viewed right on the website, you can download in pdf format. or send an e-mail. In this document you will be interested in the value of individual pension coefficient is the amount of your pension credits.

The necessary information about your pension points can be read from the personal Cabinet on the website of the FIU, but it will also require registration on the website of Public services.

How to find your retirement score to the FIU?

To obtain information about the number of your pension credits and be without Internet. For this you will need your passport and SNILS. With these documents, you must contact the local branch of the FIU and provide the application to obtain information about the status of your ILS.

How much is the pension?

The value of pension points changes every year, and for 2016 it is 74 rubles 27 kopecks.