To purchase alcoholic beverage, often need more than money. If you look younger, then you can request a passport or other identity document, e.g. a driver's license. Offense for it for the seller and even more so to argue with them about it is not worth it. He has the right to know your age not just with words, but also from an official document.

If you have already reached the age of majority (18 years), then no need to worry – alcoholic beverage the seller is obliged to sell you.

Some parents try to circumvent the law and sent for underage alcohol consumers by providing them your passport. But in this situation, the seller refuses to sell alcohol and will be right.

Negligent sellers, the law strictly punishes. If the store alcoholic beverage sell to a person who has not reached 18 years of age, organizations face a fine. The maximum fine can reach up to half a million.

At the end of 2015 for consideration by the deputies of the state Duma had passed the bill, which envisages amendments to laws regulating the sale of alcohol to minors. It is possible that very soon to acquire an alcoholic beverage to young people becomes more difficult. To sell alcohol will only get 21 years, if the bill is passed.