What pensioners will be able to receive benefits on the overhaul?

If you have reached retirement age or have retired, it does not mean that you are free from contributions for the overhaul. The state compensated for the costs of repairs of an apartment building, the payer of contributions must meet the following requirements:

  • age older than 70 years;
  • living alone;
  • broken;
  • the owner of the apartment.

Also benefit the family, if it consists only of pensioners, meet the requirements specified above.

The amount of the benefit on major repairs for seniors

Elderly people will be able to recoup their costs for repair work as follows:

  • if you have reached 70 years – half of the payment;
  • age is 80 years, the state will fully reimburse.

When you start to act the law on benefits for capital repairs for seniors?

Deputies of the state Duma 29.12.2015 year adopted regulation on amendments to article 169 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation. The law itself will take effect from the beginning of 2016. According to this document power of subjects of the Russian Federation received the right to provide in its region benefits overhaul for retirees.

Now the elderly have to wait for the adoption of the law on the local level that they will be granted the exemption.