A list of persons with privileges on the overhaul

A significant "discount" on introduction of payments for capital repairs provided the following categories of people:

  • families with many children;
  • the residents of besieged Leningrad;
  • with disabilities and war veterans;
  • rehabilitated victims of political repressions;
  • the participants of the liquidation of the Chernobyl disaster;
  • teachers working in rural areas;
  • veterans of labor and combat;
  • widows of soldiers of the WWII.

A single list of those who have the benefits of major overhaul in the regulatory act are not spelled out. Each main category is specified in a special law. For example, the right to benefit overhaul for teaching staff is reflected in the law on education.

What are the benefits overhaul?

For each category of persons having the benefit of the overhaul, set your size. If you belong to the category large family, will be able to pay 30% less than the amount of the contribution. War invalids, war veterans, the liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster provides a benefit equal to 50%.

To calculate and issue benefits for the overhaul, you need to contact the social security authorities. In addition, this service can be obtained in the MFC or on the portal of public Services.

Please note! Expect to receive benefits on capital repairs of only those persons who timely pay for utility services, that is not listed in the list of debtors.

How much will need to pay if you do not have benefits for the overhaul?

Contributions for capital repairs is determined by the housing legislation. For the entire country has no single value. In each municipality the local authorities themselves decide how much you will be paying tenants. But at the same time officials have to consider the recommendation of the Government of the Russian Federation. The final amount of the contribution will depend on the number of storeys of the house, the material from which the house is built, and other factors that will influence the costs for the overhaul.

Each year the amount of contributions for capital repairs in the regions will change. For example, for the Moscow region for the year 2016 for 1 sq. m. have to pay 8 rubles 30 kopecks. While in 2015 the cost of the overhaul was not more than 7 rubles 80 kopecks per 1 sq. m.