Painting techniques are observed and doodling at first glance might seem similar, however, these directions differ.

Doodling (doodling) as a style of drawing comes from the English word doodle (Doodle unconscious). This technique is suitable for everyone from kids to adults who never studied drawing. Doodling patterns allow you to concentrate without mental strain, effectively coping with monotony. Here doodling can rightly be considered the original and virtually no cost option art therapy and meditation. Doodling is a free technology and provides limitless opportunities for expression on a sheet of paper.


Are observed (zentangle was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas as a proprietary method of drawing. It allows you to feel like a real artist, to cope with stress, aggression and to improve their well-being with the designs, patterns and various patterns. The creators offer to paint on white sheets with a width of 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) ink, liner or gel pen.

Are observed classic needs to be free in the implementation, are not limited in time, not space-oriented and abstract. The small leaves of a given size, allow you to perform a figure quickly anywhere as soon as it's inspiration.


Style are observed not only brings fun and develops creativity, but also allows to achieve the art of meditation. Unlike doodling zentangle requires some concentration and focus from the artist. Therefore, this technique cannot be performed unconsciously, and requires total immersion in the process.

Styles doodling & zentangle impulsive and unexpected, and the composition develops during drawing and is not determined in advance. Although zentangle assumes a certain neatness of lines and elements, unlike doodling where it is not mandatory.

Are observed and doodling contribute to the development of creativity, the creative potential, increase your confidence, train such mental processes as attention, thinking and memory. In addition, you can improve your concentration and mood, to achieve inner peace and control anger.

Bringing on paper doodles and Zen tangle, it is not necessary to think about the end result. Enough to trust your intuition and inner state, using the expression of different patterns, squiggles, dots and abstract patterns. Due to the successive repetition of light motives, which deliver the whole work of art, you can immerse yourself into a trance and achieve a long-awaited state of comfort and relaxation.

In conditions, when we have almost ceased to write and draw by hand, and do everything on the computer, intuitive drawing with ink and white paper will allow a break from the gadgets and virtual reality.

Some people have long used doodling are observed not only as a therapy and a hobby, but have learned to make money on his work without the presence of arts education and the need to reckon with the demands of academic drawing.