Blocking sites for unwanted open, menu settings browsers. For example, in Opera go to advanced settings, select "Blocked content" in the field provided, add the address of the site (via http://) you want to lock. If you are using Internet Explorer, go to menu "Internet options" then the tab "content", "add", "allowed sites". — Specify the address of the unwanted site, and then click "never."
To block a website, so it won't open in Google Chrome and Firefox, you can also in the settings. While there are special additions that integrate into the program and to quickly and easily block access to any resource. It's Blocksite for FireFox and Chrome Personal Blocklist. Add-ons available for installation on the official websites of browsers.
You will be able to block access to undesirable websites by configuring the system configuration file hosts.hosts. It contains the domain names for later broadcast network addresses of the nodes. Access to the edit file has only the computer administrator. Navigate to the folder "My computer" and enter the address C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Using Notepad, open the hosts file.
Browse down the hosts file and add the line by making any website that you want to lock, so it won't open. You can add unlimited number of sites. Save the file and close it. Now these web pages will not open any one browser. This method is especially useful for parents as many children know how to bypass such remedies as the settings and add browsers.
Quickly block any website will help installed on your computer the antivirus or firewall. Currently, these programs allow you to not only remove malware, but also block access to suspicious and dangerous resources. Similar functions are performed and utility of parental control, having a constantly updated database of sites with adult content and block them all at once. Download any appropriate software program from the official site via the Internet.