Habits of the Chinese are different from ours. These people are not shy to talk loudly in public, burp at the table, listen to music at maximum volume.

The Chinese do not instill in children the love for our younger brothers, on the contrary, teach them to eat all that moves.

The Chinese like to haggle. In this respect they are not far away from Muslims who are natural born traders. The only exception is shopping malls, where it is customary in China to pay strictly for the price tag. The Chinese often try to pay for each other sometimes because of this, even disputes.

If you wanted something exotic, go to China, you can enjoy monkey brains. Directly in front of the man monkey alive open the skull and treat guests, although this is prohibited by local authorities.

The Chinese women love white skin, so try to get it white. They almost never tan in the sun.

Despite the fact that in China a huge number of people, the streets are very clean. And it's not that there is no litter, there are just very quickly clean.

In China, you can smoke in public places, supermarkets, playgrounds.

China's cheap enough life, but the local population gets quite small salaries.