Give the title of the document. Write at the top in bold the word "Feature", if you will print it on the computer. In the next sentence, specify to whom it is issued. To do this, use the following example: "Issued to the driver of category VS Ivanov Sergei Nikolayevich." Of course, there is a possibility that he drives and trucks. Then the category is already D.
Again, specify his name, date of birth and education. Apply a sample: "Ivanov Sergey Nikolaevich, born in 1965, higher education, in 1987 graduated from the Togliatti Polytechnic Institute in the specialty "technology of mechanical engineering".
Tell us about his experience, achievements and briefly describe his attitude toward his job. Use the following example as a template. "In 1988, was adopted at the Volzhsky Automobile Factory driver test. During the work, serious violations of the work order was not observed. Tests conducted with the least damage to vehicles. Sergey always takes a responsible attitude to the orders of superiors."
Write in the following paragraphs, the strengths of the employee. For example, "Always polite and thorough in work. Enjoys high respect from colleagues and superiors of the plant. Not have been convicted of misconduct. Penalties and reprimands has not. Awarded many times for additional prizes and gifts from the authorities".
Finish the feature. Specify that "feature issued on demand...". Next in the left lower edge indicate its position, such as "Director". Just below one line the name of the organization (JSC "AVTOVAZ"), further signed and your name (Stepanov semen Semenovich). Date write under their initials. Stamp. Give the characteristics of the worker, or to those who needed it.