You decided to make the employment relationship or to take out a loan? Most likely, you will be asked to specify was if it was available.

Please note! Man does not have to be INN. And if you did not fill out the certificate on statement on the account in tax Department, then provide your tin is not necessary.

In some cases, you can find out your INN?

To learn your INN, you first need to apply to the tax authority in your area for the purposes of registration as a taxpayer. There you will be required to present a passport or other document that certifies your identity and write a suitable statement. After some time, you will be given a certificate which will specify your INN.

If you have already undergone the procedure, but can not find his testimony or not at hand at the right moment, to learn your INN through the Internet.

What you need to know your INN via the Internet?

For these purposes, you'll need to have a passport or a copy of it (can be just your passport details). Go to the website of the tax authority – Russian Federal tax service and select – "Find out your INN. Next, you need to fill in the necessary data:

  • Name,
  • date of birth,
  • passport data.

After submitting a request for a few seconds on your computer screen will be your INN.

Please note! On tax can be found not only in your INN, but also to obtain information about someone else's INN. For this you will need to specify your passport data and passport data of the person in respect of which you want to learn INN.