Which means a bad credit history?

When applying for a loan it is worth remembering that some deviation by borrower from the terms of the agreement may in the future have a negative impact on their credit history. Here is just some of the reasons why banks can reduce the assessment of your reputation as a borrower:

  • the repeated delay in periodic payments;
  • available delay;
  • unpaid loan;
  • litigation with the Bank for repayment of the loan.

As to what should be the delay how much you need to owe to the Bank, etc. to your credit history brought in the black list to say definitely not. As the official evaluation criteria credit history no, each Bank independently decides which borrower is trustworthy for him, and what – not.

There may be situations when a single Bank has considered your candidacy undesirable and refused the loan, but another Bank would give a loan with a bad credit history.

How can other banks learn about your bad credit history?

It is unlikely that banks among themselves will share information about undesirable customers-borrowers, because the distribution of personal data threatens them certain responsibilities. But there is a very legitimate way to learn about the bad credit history of the prospective client – an appeal to BKI (Bureau of credit histories). In this institution there is information about the borrowers about how they would pay off the loans. This information about your customers reports to the lending Bank which issued the credit.

It is worth considering that the KJV is not a single organization, many of these companies. Some banks are cooperating with one Bureau, some to another. It is therefore quite possible that in one of BKI, your credit history will be quite positive, even if the delinquency on a previous loan.

Which banks can I get a loan with bad credit history?

The borrower with a "tarnished" reputation Bank should not apply for a loan in the big banks. Such credit organisations of the requirements for borrowers are very strict and check their credit histories is carried out carefully.

But what do you do with a bad credit history, if he needs money urgently? Try to contact the following banks:

  • young and small banks are such credit organisations try to attract more customers and especially to make the best of it will not be in the selection of borrowers (banks rating can be found on the website of the Banker.<url>, there you can see a list of Bureau of credit histories);
  • regional banks often do not cooperate with many of BCI and will not be able to know all the details of your credit history. In these credit organisations the chance to get a loan with bad credit history.

One of the outputs to get a loan with bad credit history – fixing it, improving.

How to improve your credit history?

The borrower with bad credit history you can take the following attempt to improve your credit history:

  • make a purchase in store credit and in accordance with the agreement to pay all payments without delinquency (usually the shops are not interested in credit history of their customers). Please note that early repayment of the credit can also adversely affect your credit reputation;
  • correct any errors in your credit history. It is possible that the employees of the Bank or BCH made some typographical errors when transferring information and building your credit history, and in fact you are perfectly "closed" their previous loans.

Additional possibilities of getting a loan with bad credit history

The borrower with bad credit history can take the following steps to obtain credit:

  • to hire a specialist who will communicate with the Bank if the loan (mortgage broker);
  • provide the Bank with additional documents that confirm your reliability as a borrower and can serve as proof that the previous delay was not your intent, but only by accident.