What is a retirement multiplier?

2015 will start a new procedure of calculating pensions. The amount of pension will depend on the individual pension coefficient (or retirement points). It represents all periods of work and other time when people actually worked, but by law it is included in the insurance experience.

When shaping the individual pension coefficient takes into account the following parameters:

  • insurance experience;
  • paid by the employer insurance contributions to the RF pension Fund to a pension insurance;
  • the right of withdrawal of the worker from the pension.

The higher these indicators are, the higher individual pension coefficient.

What conditions are necessary for a pension?

To retire workers now need to work hard. In the "baggage" of the future pensioner should be:

  • the corresponding age – 55 for women and 60 for men;
  • the insurance experience not less than 15 years for persons who will be retired in 2024 (for employees who become pensioners in 2015, the required period is at least 6 years, and every subsequent year it will only increase);
  • individual pension coefficient is not less than 30 balls. For those for whom the pension is appointed in 2015, the required coefficient is equal to 6.6. But with each subsequent year the required minimum IPK will continue to grow.

As individual pension ratio will affect the amount of pension?

The size of pension will be calculated according to the following formula:


where SP – the insurance pension, IPC – individual pension coefficient of the SEP – the cost of one pension coefficient.

The cost of one pension coefficient is set by the Government each year will grow. For 2015 one of IPK is equal to 71 ruble 41 kopecks.

In addition, it is necessary to remember a fixed payment to the insurance pension, which is indexed each year and in 2015 is 4833 ruble 59 cents.

Calculate your insured pension calculator pension on the website of the Pension Fund.

Please note that individual pension coefficient is limited to the maximum values. For example, in 2015 the maximum IPK is valid for the calculation of the insurance pension will be 7,39 – for those who choose only the insurance pension, and to 4.62 for policyholders and insurance, and contributory pension. 2021 these figures will be – 10 and 6.25 respectively.