Advice 1: What documents are needed for admission to school

Your child is older, and it's time to go to school. Parents almost all summer preparing for this exciting event – conduct preparatory classes, they buy clothes, school supplies and collect the documents necessary for admission to school.
documents for admission to school

How to find out about availability in school?

You can contact the administration of the school personally or by phone with this question at the information booth should have this information.

You can also go to the school website, there should also be information on free places. Information about free seats in first class should be posted no later than 10 days after it is issued a document on the consolidation of the territories of school (this happens no later than 1 February of the current year). And for those who want to choose a school other than his place of residence, information about free places in educational organizations must be placed no later than 1 July.

When can I apply for admission to the school?

The deadline for admission to school are different for those children who enroll in school at their place of residence, and for those who chose a school away from home.

If you decide to go to school and live in assigned territory, the documents may be submitted from 1 February to 30 June. At the same time of enrolling your child in school should issue an administrative act within 7 working days after you give the documents.

For "non-local" students the opportunity to apply for admission to the school starts on 1 July and last until September 5 (or until all the groups are filled).

Please note! School can be set schedule of documents depending on the registration or temporary registration of the child.

What documents are needed for admission to school?

To enroll in a school need to submit the following documents:

  • the application for admission to school;
  • birth certificate of the child (or other document that will confirm your relationship with him) – the original for review;
  • a certificate of registration or provisional registration of the child at the assigned area (or other document confirming the said information) – for cases when the child is in school by place of residence;
  • a document which confirms your right of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation (for those who do not have Russian citizenship).

If any of the required documents you have in a foreign language, you must translate them into Russian and submit them together with certified translation.

In the application for admission to school must provide the following information:

  • Name of the child;
  • date and place of birth of the future child;
  • Name the parents;
  • address of residence of the child and parents;
  • parents phone.

With the approximate form of application for admission to the school of the child are available at the stand in school or on the official website of the selected educational organization.

When you apply for admission of the child to school, don't forget to bring your passport or another document that certifies the identity of the persons who do not have Russian citizenship.

After you apply, your application must register in a special register and issue you a receipt for documents signed by responsible person and stamp of the school.

Please note! To demand any additional documents for admission to the school you are not eligible.

Advice 2 : What documents are needed for school

Many parents question about what school will their child begins care long before it will be time to leave the kindergarten. And this is quite reasonable – the sooner you attend to this matter, the greater the likelihood that your child will go to school and to the teacher whom you choose.
What documents are needed for school
According to the "Law on education", rules for admission of first-graders are determined by the founder of the educational institution is enshrined in the Charter. They should provide opportunities for all citizens living in a certain area. To record your child's first grade public school, complete the application for admission addressed to the Director and register it with the school. Attach to the application a certified copy of the birth certificate of the child.If the child did not go to kindergarten, will receive a medical card uniform form 026/u-2000 in the children's clinic at the place of residence. Reassure her seal of the chief physician. In kindergarten you will receive a card at release. It must have details of all vaccinations that have been made, previous illnesses, test results and full medical examination. If your child is on September 1 will be under the age of 6.5 years, but in school, you already want to send in the medical record should be a mark that he has no contraindications to training at school for health reasons. The decision on admission of the child at an earlier age will be taken by the founder of the educational institution on the basis of statements of parents.What documents are needed for the school, which will go your child, check in advance. In many educational institutions may additionally require not only the original birth certificate of the child, but the passport someone from parents, health insurance, characteristics of the child from the kindergarten, a certificate from a neurologist. At some institutions you may be asked to fill out a questionnaire on the attached form and provide photographs of the child.According to the order No. 204 by the Ministry of education, no additional data on the parents or the child you are not required to be provided. Illegal is the requirement to present a certificate of employment or residence, salary certificates or medical evidence of the child's development and readiness for school.

Advice 3 : What documents are needed for school

Fall, the parents will take their first graders to school. In order to start the school year, it is necessary to properly prepare in the spring. In the first place - to collect the documents needed for school. Speedily than the parents will cope with this task, the more time will remain on the emotional preparation of the child for the first academic year.
What documents are needed for school

Under the new order "On approval of the procedure of reception of citizens in educational institution" the school that you can give the baby needs to be geographically closest to your home. That's where we have to go and write the application for admission to the first class. Entry starts now with the first of March, this time prepare the necessary documents for the school.

To apply, collect a package of necessary documents. It includes: birth certificate of the child (and copy), parents ' passports with residence permit, health card of the child, a picture of little 3x4. In some cases, can ask for a certificate of registration of a child from the housing Department.

Pay special attention to the medical records. If the child attended kindergarten, you need to pick up the card, which will contain all completed experts and commissioned analyses. If the child was at home, contact your pediatrician. You will write directions on the necessary tests, and will also give the list of specialists who need to pass the inspection. All results will be entered into a special medical card that need to be in school.

The child must be a certificate that shows marked age vaccinations. If you wrote the application for refusal of vaccination, you must separately consult a pediatrician how to proceed in this case.

To send their children to school, according to the order of the Department of education, you can with 6.5 years. At the request of the parents of the child under the age of 6.5 years, it is also possible to give training. For this it is necessary to individually obtain permission from the Department of education of the Russian Federation. Note that the child must not have any medical contraindications.

The standard age for admission to 1st class believes a 6.5 – 7 years. Some children are sent to school after kindergarten, part – directly from the house. The absence in the biography of a child of preschool educational institution cannot be cause of denial of entry to first grade. Please note that under the new rules the testing for admission to secondary school should not be. If you agreed to it in advance, discuss with management that the results will not affect the decision to adopt a child in school. Official permission for such a test have only specialized lyceums and gymnasiums.

Advice 4 : What kind of documents are required for admission to school

Each spring the next wave of parents grabs his head in thoughts about what is necessary for the child for entering first grade. Graduation in kindergarten, school selection, finding a suitable school uniform - is not a complete list of everything that is parents of first-graders tomorrow. And not the last place in the list is the collection of certificates required for admission to school.

Regulatory framework

The children in the school adjusts the Order of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation from February 15, 2012 N 107 According to this order, except the application for admission, parents of the child present the original and photocopy of birth certificate of the child, original and a photocopy of the certificate of registration of the child's place of residence on a fixed territory". Other documents of the educational institution to request not entitled to. In practice, schools still request a further medical certificate, but instead of the certificate of registration at the place of residence of many institutions is enough to provide the usual information on the composition of the family. Parents have the right to submit additional documents.

The proof of residence

Priority for admission to a particular school are those children who live in the district to which this school belongs. It is for this and need to confirm the child's place of residence. To do this, you should contact the regional passport office and obtain a certificate of registration at the place of residence or a certificate of family composition - practice shows that different schools have different requirements for the provision of these documents, so before you go to the passport office, it is necessary to clarify in school, what kind of document is required.

More difficult situation with those who rents an apartment, having residence in another place. If the child has a certificate of temporary registration (children registered in another city), then it is available. If not, then this case will fit a rental agreement, but to apply will have after the 1st of August, that is after the school will publish the number of vacant seats remaining after the set of children registered in the district.

Foreign nationals in addition to the certificate of temporary registration serves translated into Russian language and certified by a notary document confirming kinship (analogue of the Russian birth certificate) and a document confirming the right to stay in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Medical certificate

In fact, not help, and the map of the form № 026/u-2000, established by the order of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation dated 03.07.2000 N 241 If before school the child attended kindergarten, this document is already in kindergarten in the medical office staff nurses. In this case, parents need to clarify, does the kindergarten routine preschool physical examination of the child, and if it is carried out, the parents have nothing to worry about, at the end of the visits kindergarten map they give out. But often in kindergartens such inspections are not conducted (this applies mostly to commercial kindergartens). If so, then it is necessary for parents, writing a letter to the head of the kindergarten, pick up a card at the time of the medical examination and go with her to the clinic at the place of residence to the district pediatrician.

Parents of children who were not attending kindergarten, will have to purchase blank medical card in the prescribed form and together with him to go to the pediatrician.

Many commercial medical institutions provides services for the design of this medical card, which can be useful, for example, foreign nationals.
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