How to find out about availability in school?

You can contact the administration of the school personally or by phone with this question at the information booth should have this information.

You can also go to the school website, there should also be information on free places. Information about free seats in first class should be posted no later than 10 days after it is issued a document on the consolidation of the territories of school (this happens no later than 1 February of the current year). And for those who want to choose a school other than his place of residence, information about free places in educational organizations must be placed no later than 1 July.

When can I apply for admission to the school?

The deadline for admission to school are different for those children who enroll in school at their place of residence, and for those who chose a school away from home.

If you decide to go to school and live in assigned territory, the documents may be submitted from 1 February to 30 June. At the same time of enrolling your child in school should issue an administrative act within 7 working days after you give the documents.

For "non-local" students the opportunity to apply for admission to the school starts on 1 July and last until September 5 (or until all the groups are filled).

Please note! School can be set schedule of documents depending on the registration or temporary registration of the child.

What documents are needed for admission to school?

To enroll in a school need to submit the following documents:

  • the application for admission to school;
  • birth certificate of the child (or other document that will confirm your relationship with him) – the original for review;
  • a certificate of registration or provisional registration of the child at the assigned area (or other document confirming the said information) – for cases when the child is in school by place of residence;
  • a document which confirms your right of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation (for those who do not have Russian citizenship).

If any of the required documents you have in a foreign language, you must translate them into Russian and submit them together with certified translation.

In the application for admission to school must provide the following information:

  • Name of the child;
  • date and place of birth of the future child;
  • Name the parents;
  • address of residence of the child and parents;
  • parents phone.

With the approximate form of application for admission to the school of the child are available at the stand in school or on the official website of the selected educational organization.

When you apply for admission of the child to school, don't forget to bring your passport or another document that certifies the identity of the persons who do not have Russian citizenship.

After you apply, your application must register in a special register and issue you a receipt for documents signed by responsible person and stamp of the school.

Please note! To demand any additional documents for admission to the school you are not eligible.