Log into website Services, or register (if haven't done so already). It is worth considering that the registration on the portal may take a long time. Because you need to get a letter from the portal to your home address, which will contain a special code for a personal account.
Select "State service", and then locate the service – "Check of pension savings".
Read the terms and conditions of receipt of services and click "Get service".
Within 2 minutes, the portal will provide you with information about your pension savings. On the website you can see their personal information (name, date of birth, social security number) and information about the status of the individual account. In the last section will contain the following information:
• the formation of pension you choose (insurance and funded pension or insurance only);
• the value of individual pension coefficient;
• insurance experience;
• the estimated pension capital, specifying the amount of funds from each employer;
• the size of pension savings and where they are located (in which the pension Fund);
• funds received under the program state pension co-financing (if you participated in it).
The certificate of pension accruals of the website Services can be sent to your email or save to your computer.