Enter the personal Cabinet on the portal of public Services. If you haven't started, you need to register on the website.
Go to beta version of website Services and select a service Record in kindergarten.
In order to get on the waiting list to kindergarten through public Services, click on – applying.
Choose the most convenient option for you the service, electronically or in person. In case you select the service, and a Personal visit you will see a list of documents that you must provide.
When you select e-services – a child in kindergarten you will be asked to fill out an application in electronic form. When you shape a statement, don't forget to include the following information:
• year of enrollment of child in kindergarten (your wishes);
• the specifics of the group (if necessary);
• provision of benefits to transferred;
• no more than 4 kindergartens for admission the place of residence of the child.
After review of your application if necessary you will be asked to provide the originals of the following documents:
• the passport of the parent;
• birth certificate of the child;
• a document that confirms the child residing at the indicated address;
• proof of benefits for enrollment in kindergarten;
• a document stating that your child needs to enroll in the Wellness group (if necessary);
• medical report for admission to the group of compensating type (if necessary).
Notice that your child is placed in the queue, you will be able to obtain the contact information provided by you in the application.