Of course, if the owner has not expressed a desire to legitimize your temporary stay in his dwelling, the register will not work. The exception is when you are registering your minor child at the place of its incorporation. In this case, the consent of the owner are necessary.

But if the problem with a temporary registration is only for lack of desire from the owner to visit with you employees responsible for receiving documents for registration, the regulations envisage the possibility to obtain temporary registration and without the presence of the owner.

If the basis for the universe is a contract of employment, you can submit a notarial contract in the mail with the other application documents (copy of passport, completed application). In such a situation, the persons responsible for the acceptance of documents, there is no charge for certification of copies of this agreement, and the owner of the premises not to affix his signature in the statement.

If there is a possibility to submit only the contract in writing, that the responsible persons are required to certify the signature of the owner and registered person in the application. In this situation, without the presence of the owner is not enough.

A certificate of registration at the place of stay can also be obtained via mail.

Although the presence of the owner in obtaining the temporary registration are not required to hope that he didn't know about the new tenants, not worth it. After performed registration procedures, the FMS will send notification to the registered on its housing face.