To register in the apartment or house is sometimes a hard task for man, if his property is no living room. But the registration at the place of residence gives several advantages to the citizen and therefore many try to make it a permanent record.

What is the registration?

Register into a dwelling, the person may qualify for:

  • Getting a place in the kindergarten or school for your child in the area of residence. It should be noted that the Queuing and with a temporary registration, but priority is given to those children who have a permanent record.
  • Benefits and social benefits. In different regions of our country the amount of benefits and their amount can vary significantly, so many tend to get a residence permit in Moscow and Moscow region.
  • The registered as an individual entrepreneur.

Medical care and clearance to work in any way must not depend on the place of your residence. Although some clinics and some employers used to require registration or temporary registration, it is not legal.

That gives a registration, register the person?

After receiving the stamp in the passport, the citizen has the following rights:

  • to use the apartment and reside in it;
  • to register in the apartment of his minor children without the consent of the owner.

Please note! Prescribed citizen is not granted any rights in the disposal of premises. For example, he can't sell it, donate etc. you Also do not need to obtain his consent if you suddenly decide to sell this dwelling.

If you suddenly decide to write prescribed, and his will is missing, then this can be done through the courts. In this statement occurs without providing other premises. With the exception of cases when it comes to your minor child. In this situation to discharge the child does not work, if you are not able to provide him with another dwelling and not be registered by one of the parents of the child.