Chalagach pork

Necessary products for cooking:

- 700 g pork (loin);

- 300 g of white onions;

- 70 g of beet juice;

- 30 ml Apple cider vinegar;

- 5 g dried Basil and a little fresh;

- any greens, lavash;

- salt, pepper.

Rinse the meat, place on a paper napkin so it's a bit dried out. After you carefully cut off all the excess membrane and fat. Make a marinade. Put the meat into a bowl, RUB pork with salt and pepper. Peel the onions, cut into rings and place half of the onion into the meat, sprinkle the Basil on top and stir. Leave to marinate the meat for 2.5-3 hours.

While the meat is marinating, get the second part of the bow. In a bowl mix onion rings with Apple cider vinegar, add the beet juice, stir and leave for 20 minutes.

Thread a skewer gently along the piece of pork loin and fry chalagach on the coals until completely cooked. When the dish is ready, put it on a plate with pita bread, Sergo sprinkle with chopped greens and pickled onions.

Chalagach lamb

The ingredients for this delicious dish:

- 700 g lamb loin;

10 g of the ground cumin;

10 g of paprika;

- 50 ml of oil and lemon juice;

- 5 g cinnamon, ground coriander and clove;

- a little ground cardamom and nutmeg;

- pita bread, lettuce;

- vegetable oil;


Meat wash, put in a pot. Prepare a dry mixture of spices for meat. Mix in a bowl: paprika, cumin, allspice and coriander, cinnamon, clove, aromatic cardamom and nutmeg. Add pepper and salt, stir. Then in a separate bowl mix the oil and vinegar dressing is ready pour the meat and add back spice blend. Cover the pot with the meat with foil, place in the fridge for two hours.

At this time, heat the grill, cook the lamb loin on the bone until completely cooked through in a pan with vegetable oil. On a plate lay out the lavash and lettuce after cooked meat. The dish is ready.