Advice 1: The backpack with your hands for 5 minutes

Old jeans can easily be transformed into beautiful and stylish backpack. It is suitable to clothes of sports style, romantic light dresses, fashion this season's coats oversized. And stitch this original accessory will even the young fashionista, sophisticated patterns and special stitches are not required.
The backpack with your hands

Backpack in your hands - how to turn old jeans into a fashionable accessory

You will need old jeans (preferably with a wide leg, the width of the backpack is equal to the width of the leg opening), skinny leather strap and thread to match.

To make the backpack with your hands, pattern is not needed. Cut the pant leg from jeans, turn it inside out and sew at the top. Turn back. Fold in half to make a backpack. The bottom of boucheny have to close a makeshift inner compartment is approximately ⅔ (see picture).

Take stropki from the strap and sew in two places - on the front of the backpack top and bottom. Insert the strap.

It remains to sew the strap. They can be made of the second leg opening, cut narrow strips and staple together. Original stylish straps will work if you do not treat them the edge, leaving ragged.

You can make a bag with a shoulder strap over the shoulder, they never go out of fashion for a very long time. As the straps can be adjusted long leather belt, thick twine, braided leather laces pigtail.

Helpful hint: decorate a backpack from jeans to your liking. Leather straps, metal brutal accessories, bright buttons, decals will make a attractive and trendy accessory.

The backpack can be made not only denim pants, but also from old denim jackets, shirts, shorts. Almost any old thing can be turned into a new trendy and convenient bag.

Please note: the seams on the backpack of jeans can make a noticeable contrast. To make it look organic, make them smooth, is wide enough.

Advice 2: How to sew a strap with your hands

Leather belt can not only have a functional value, maintaining the clothes, but also to accentuate the waist. Accessory style becomes part of your image. Below the belt is really unique and perfectly suited to its owner, it is recommended to stitch the strap with your hands.
How to sew a strap with your hands
You will need
  • - tailoring meter;
  • - pins;
  • - paper patterns;
  • leather;
  • - dublerin;
  • - iron
  • machine, needles and glue for the skin;
  • - furrier or a box cutter (blade);
  • - threads;
  • buckle;
  • - fabric for covering furniture;
  • - scissors;
  • - the awl.
Find out the length of the future leather belt. For this measure tailoring meter coverage waist (for example, 60 cm) and provide a stock to tighten the accessory. Then prepare the paper pattern length 60х2, leaving all the edges of the seam width of about 1.5-2 cm is blade, the lower reserves will be necessary.
Basic cut out leather detail, placing the material in advance on a hard flat surface and securing it at the edges with sewing pins. Take action special making tool. It is permissible to replace the sharpened x-ACTO knife, or an unused razor blade.
Glue leather detail overlapping adhesive fabric. Dublerin cut to size belt, but don't leave a seam. Attach the lining adhesive layer to the reverse side of the leather items, carefully align the edges and press.
Wait until doubled leather fabric is completely cool - otherwise dublerin may not stick, and it threatens with deformation of the product. The seam on the cooled leather detail fold, prigladit nail or wooden ruler (not to scratch the "face" of the material). The hem lock glue for the skin and dry it at room temperature.
Leather fold detail in half on the center line and make a basting sewing pins, sticking them on future lines. Sew the belt on the sewing machine for leather, using a special needle. It is recommended to use an industrial model with a triple promotion with flat or cylindrical platform. Also suitable are popular among seamstresses universal mechanisms, such as the Janome MyExcel 23XE (if you use needles for leather).
Prepare the right size belt buckle. To fittings looked non-trivial, it can be covered by dense cloth in the tone of the main product or a slightly darker shade. For plating on two scraps of fabric paint over the external and internal contours of the buckle light dashes, adding them to the "face" to "face".
Prostrochite details on the planned inner contour lines and cut out the Central piece of cloth. Don't forget to leave some reserves for seams (about 0.3-0.5 cm), nadsekite corners. Also make the notch in the margin of one of the patches. Detail remove, put it inside the buckle. Shape of the hem and panel accessories. You will just have to see it in the finished leather belt and, if necessary, to be done with an awl the holes for fasteners on the opposite side of the product.
Beware of damage to the material when using dublerin – improper bonding of the lining of the skin may be wrinkled, will be ugly creases. Always test on sample fabric hot iron do and how much time is necessary for reliable duplication of the canvas.
Useful advice
Belt buckle bought in Department accessories, you can gently wrap a suitable leather or ribbon tie to crochet thick yarn in the tone of the main product.
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