Find documents from the computer and see what video card it has. They have different type of connector - PCI-Express or AGP. This aspect is very important, since the graphics card is PCI-Express will not fit a computer in which was installed a video card with AGP and Vice versa.

In that case, if the documents do not describe the video card, that means it is integrated into the motherboard. To find out what you will need to replace, look at the model of “mother” and on the manufacturer's website, find the list of video cards that are compatible.

Replace “none” with the new one. To do this, remove the side cover of the laptop (there may need a screwdriver) and locate the connector for the video card. Remove the screw and remove the old card. Fasten the new one on its place by a small screw.

Note: when replacing the video card be careful. In many computers there is an additional mounting for these components. Pulling out the old graphics card, do not force to avoid damaging it.

Some video cards require connection to the power supply. For this there should be an additional connector. If your power supply no - if you buy a new graphics card tell the seller. He will select the “none” that does not require additional power.

When video card is installed, screw the side panel of the computer and insert the driver disk from the video card. It comes with it. Install the driver. You're done!