Collagen types. What is the difference between them

Animal collagen is extracted from the skins of cattle. This is the cheapest type of collagen most commonly used in the cosmetic industry. The molecules of animal collagen are too large, and when used externally it is just not able to penetrate deep into the skin where wrinkles are formed. In addition, animal collagen, often cause allergies, which further worsens the condition of the skin.

However, animal collagen is well absorbed by the body when taken inside. He, unlike plant protein, contains essential amino acids that are not produced independently, and enter the body with food.

Marine collagen is extracted from skin and bones of fish. This is a more expensive product than those produced from animal skins, bone, and cartilage of animals. It requires special storage conditions. Marine collagen is also well absorbed by the human body. Its only drawback - can cause severe allergies. And cosmetic procedures the benefits are not obvious. Marine and animal collagen that is added to products for outdoor use, retains moisture, however, its regenerative properties are not proven. For joint health and cell renewal tissues is only useful collagen that is taken inside.

Vegetable protein - what is it different from animal and marine collagen

The third type of vegetable protein. As mentioned above, this is not a collagen. Molecules of vegetable protein are small when applied topically penetrate deep enough into the skin. They nourish the cells, supplying nutrients. Vegetable protein rarely causes allergic reactions. However, he is not a vendor of collagen and does not affect tissue regeneration. While plant protein has a high bioavailability when used in creams, making this component very popular in expensive beauty salons. In the production of drugs taken inside, vegetable protein is almost never used, because it not helps to stimulate the production of collagen by the body.

Cosmetics which collagen is more useful?

Cosmetic products and marine and animal collagen have a certain effect. It depends not only on the product used, but also from the accompanying ingredients. In addition, it should be noted that any cosmetics with collagen has a cumulative effect. That is, the longer you used serum or cream, the better the condition of the skin. However you choose products with collagen have individually, and this is best done not alone, but consultation with a good cosmetologist and dermatologist.