You will need
  • - thick cardboard;
  • - silver paint;
  • cardboard sleeve from the toilet paper;
  • pencil;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Take the cardboard of that length, which will be your sword. Draw on it with a pencil or marker outline. Swords are different - short, with a broad curved blade, long and narrow, like a sword. Think about what kind of sword with his own hands out of cardboard you want to do.
Next to the sword, draw a circle - this will be a Garda. In this sword - thick metal plate of the oval form or in the form of a hemisphere. It protects the hand in battle.
Color sabre blade and guard silver paint. If you find one has failed, can be pasted on cardboard, metal foil. Best of all will cope with the task the glue "Moment". Pasting foil, gently smooth it with a pencil to avoid ugly creases.
The handle is make of bushings for toilet paper. It can be painted in silver color, or make a brown, woodgrain or leather.
It remains to put all the parts together. First, glue up the guard to the handle. To do this, cut the bushing diameter. The length and width of the incision is 1.5 cm by 1 cm using these mounts attach the handle to the guard.
The last step is to make a sword with their hands out of cardboard. Insert the blade into the guard position. To do this with a sharp knife make in Garda slot. The blade further inside so that he reached the end of the handle. So the design will become very strong. Saber is ready!