When will be released GTA 5 (GTA 5)?

GTA 5 (GTA 5) was the fifteenth consecutive video game, released by Rockstar Games in the Grand Theft Auto series. The pilot trailer was released in November 2011. However, the game release was appointed only in the spring of 2013. But in due time GTA 5 (GTA 5) came out. It was first shown at E3 2014. GTA 5 (GTA 5) was presented at the eighth generation consoles - PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as on personal computers. The official release of GTA 5 (GTA 5) for game consoles happened on November 18, 2014. But for PC - only on 14 April 2015.

The new game is GTA 5 (GTA 5) - new features

For the first time in the series the game GTA 5 (GTA 5), you can use three characters, switching between them during the passage of GTA 5 (GTA 5). Selecting a desired character using a circular selector. Three sectors given the already known characters GTA 5 (GTA 5), and the fourth - the bottom one is created by the player. The game is divided into 62 mission. In one of them, there are three possible endings, which increases the passing options GTA 5 (GTA 5).

The characters in GTA 5 (GTA 5) - Franklin, Trevor and Michael - in the beginning of the game have some opportunities. The story progresses personal indicators are improving. The more a character uses a particular skill, the more likely he was "pumped". Key features Franklin, Michael and Trevor that you can improve during the passage of GTA 5 (GTA 5) is:

- endurance;

- strength;


- special abilities;

- stealth;


- volume of lungs;

- driving.

The scene GTA 5 (GTA 5), new items in the game

The scene GTA 5 (GTA 5) fiction city of Los Santos. In the new game, showing not only the streets of the city, but surrounding areas as well As the forest, beach, river. Allocated and additional gaming space - the state of North Yankton with a grim unfriendly town of Ludendorff. To switch from Los Santos to the town on their own not. Come only during the passage of the two missions GTA 5 (GTA 5).

Map GTA 5 (GTA 5) is very large, as predicted by experts on computer games back in 2012. For the first time the radar depends on the position of the camera. From where it looks depends on the angle at which shown on the monitor map GTA 5 (GTA 5).

For the first time in the history of the games GTA in missions amazingly detailed underwater world. GTA 5 (GTA 5) have the opportunity to swim at the bathyscaphe and diving.

Increased the number of establishments where you can spend the money earned by the characters in GTA 5 (GTA 5). This hair salon, health club, tattoo-bacon, the office of a psychotherapist, a strip bar. Also you can buy weapons, new car, aircraft and much more.

The story of GTA 5 (GTA 5)

The action starts with a Bank robbery. Three friends - Michael Townley, brad Snyder and Trevor Phillips successfully Rob a financial institution. But during an eerie chase, the car flipped, and the FBI agent manages to hurt Michael and Brad. Escape is possible only Trevor.

Then it turns out that Michael cooperated with the FBI and his death was staged, that Trevor was not looking for the surviving partner. Michael gets a mansion and a new name - "de Santa". Then the story of GTA 5 (GTA 5) takes place completely unexpected way. Not to initiate the reader into all the mysteries, we will tell only that the end mission GTA 5 (GTA 5) the reunion of two friends and a new job, which allows them to get rich on $ 200 million.