One of the recipes for tasty white okroshka kvass involves the use as a starter the usual bread dough. It is comfortable – if you make the dough a little more, it is possible to "kill two birds with one stone − bake bread and put the brew.

For 5 liters of drink will need half a kilo of dough. Have them from 2.5-3 cups of flour, 1 Cup of cold boiled water, 6-7 g of pressed or 0.5 teaspoon dry yeast. They are bred in water, pour this mixture into the flour, knead the dough and put it for 1-2 hours in the heat to sour.

Boil 4 quarts of water, cool it to 35-45°With, put it in the sugar 0.5 cups, sour dough and allowed to stand in a warm place. For the maturation of the brew only two days. After fermentation is sharp, moderately acidic, white drink, ready to drink.

Paint over the brew, to make it a rich brown color is burnt sugar or burnt crusts of bread (croutons). Sugar poured into a dry hot pan and melt until brown. Hot syrup is poured into the brew. Kvass is bottled, sealed and put in the fridge. Drink quenches thirst, based on it turns out delicious hash.