Holidays in Bulgaria in 2015 - how prices have changed in response to the crisis

Because quite sunken in relation to dollar and Euro the ruble cancel a summer trip abroad, preferring to escape with his family to the Crimea and the Krasnodar Krai. But let's calculate how much you will save those who will prefer Russia Bulgaria?

For example - tours to Bulgaria in may cost from 200 euros for a week. This is including flights and half-Board. Of course, may not a good month for vacation on the Black sea. However, to meet the 200 euros, going, for example, in the Crimea, is unlikely to succeed. The cheapest hotel there is 800 rubles per day. To this must be added the tickets for the plane or train, transfers, meals. Vacation in Crimea will cost more, even if we consider that in Bulgaria the Russians require a visa, which costs 2,700 rubles.

If you do not take into account tours to Bulgaria, and rent housing on their own, the prices are also in favor abroad. Cozy studios, comfortable condominiums with pools are available at a cost of 800 rubles per day. As a rule, they pass compatriots, bought at the time, an apartment in Burgas, Varna and other seaside towns. Holidays in Bulgaria in 2015 will be quite affordable, if you find these great deals on one of the many forums dedicated to rental property in this country.

Holiday in Bulgaria with kids - the benefits of the Balkan Peninsula

Choosing to go with a child in Bulgaria or the Russian coast, weigh all the "pros" and "cons". What is the advantage of the domestic sea and beaches? First, that is the territory of Russia and, therefore, there is a policy of free health insurance. That is very important when puteshestvii with children. The second advantage - all speak Russian. The benefits end.

What are the poles of a holiday in Bulgaria with kids? Holiday in Bulgaria in summer 2015 is the same or even cheaper travel in Krasnodar region and the Crimea. It is necessary to consider not only the low price rent very comfortable home, but cheap vegetables and fruits. In recalculation on roubles a kilo of fresh tomato from the garden is only 50 rubles, cucumbers - thirty. Strawberries sold at 60 rubles per kg, cherry - 80. To find such prices in the Crimea and the Krasnodar territory even in-season fruits and vegetables is almost impossible.

Holiday in Bulgaria with kids attractive by the fact that in the coastal towns is a lot of entertainment for the young travelers. Even in the small traveling amusement parks with trampolines, roundabouts, railway. The transport includes a Dolphinarium, there are many children's entertainment centers. In Burgas - a water Park, a zoo and rides for the little ones. All rest areas located near the coast, almost everywhere can be reached on foot or by public transport.

Holiday in Bulgaria with kids - how to choose a resort

Planning a vacation in Bulgaria in summer 2015, should pay attention not to the larger coastal city of Bourgas and Varna and the surrounding villages. This resort St. Constantine and Elena, Obzor, Byala and many other small towns located far who are closer from the main tourist centres. They are good for those who have gathered with a child in Bulgaria. Settlements are small in area and to major supermarkets, playgrounds, parks, easy walk. The city is completely adapted for children, shops and hospitals have ramps for wheelchairs, on the streets - wide sidewalks, embankments, convenient descents. This is another advantage of Bulgaria before the holiday in Russia. In the domestic coastal towns to get a stroller where it is needed, sometimes very difficult.

Holiday in Bulgaria. All inclusive or rent a condominium

Watching tours to Bulgaria, many are thinking, instead of renting an apartment instead of a hotel room. It has its advantages, especially if you plan a holiday in Bulgaria with children. The apartment has a kitchen where you can cook what you love the kids. In addition, rental of the condominium to relax in Bulgaria in 2015 will be cheaper than a hotel room. Of course, going on vacation in Bulgaria (all included - handy when the room price includes three meals a day, and a children's club and sun beds on the beach) I want to completely forget about worries. But given the fact that food from the buffet is not always suitable for children, and the cost of accommodation on the system "all inclusive" starts from 120 euros, it is better to choose an apartment in oborudovana comfortable condominium.