You will need
  • - milk,
  • any tea.
Diet or fasting day

Some suggest the entire diet to hold on molokochae, others recommend only once a week to do fasting day. But doctors agree to the opinion that still, it should be fasting days. Better 1 time a week. Or at least no longer than 3 consecutive days. Of course, fasting days does not hurt before the holidays to get back to normal and to lose weight.
Make the drink you need during the day, one glass every 2 hours. The day will 7-8 receptions. In between receptions, it is recommended to drink water to avoid dehydration. Per day should drink 2 liters of drink. If not, just drink the whole glass, you can drink smaller portions. Rape itself is not necessary. Better to let it be more techniques using shorter intervals than drink.
Rules of preparation and use

Tea drink can be any (black or green). Some recipes even allow adding in this tea different herbs and spices (lime blossom, cinnamon and others). If you decide to make a drink based on green tea, start taking it in small portions. Or is it to alternate it with black. This tip is for those who had not drank green tea. Milk is better to take low-fat or low percentage. Brewing it is recommended in the ratio – 2 tsp tea leaves per litre of milk. Tea can be different. The essence and usefulness of this change. The method of cooking depends more on taste. Someone who likes to drink was hot, someone's always dilutes the cold, to avoid burns.

1 way. A liter of milk to boil, add 2-3 teaspoons of tea, to insist and strain.

2 way. Separately, brew tea, brew and pour cold milk.

3 way. Separately boil the milk separately to make tea, brew it and add warm milk.

Molokochay not recommended for people with kidney problems or gall bladder. Of course it will not suit those who can not tolerate milk. A word of caution – don't overdo and tighten molokotina diet for a long time. Getting to this diet, pay attention to health. It happens that the use of Morococha causes stimulation. Then you need to stop taking it at night.